Short Term Care

What Is Short Term Care?

When you need temporary help with health care needs, we are here to help.  In addition to our long term residency, we provide many short term options.

We offer quality care after a hospital stay, support for family caregivers, security of maintenance free living when the summer’s heat and humidity or winter’s cold and snow make living at home difficult.  

Our post-operative rehabilitation program helps you recover and rebuild your strength so you can get back to your life quickly, with the highest standards in post-surgical treatment.

We can provide orthopedic post op care, such as afterr knee or hip replacement, shoulder surgery, monitored cardiac rehabilitation, stroke care and recovery. We will work with any of your choice of licensed therapists.

Our Hospice Services partner with your hospice provide to offer a calm, comfortable and private environment for our loved ones. We will provide emotional and spiritual support while managing pain and symptoms.

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