Thank you so much for the level of care and assistance that all of you brought my Mom on daily basis. Our family appreciates all you and your staff are doing to help your residents - even through all the crazy COVID protocols and procedures.

"Safety, Kindness, Comprehensive Care, Convenience, Availability" Dear Jan, As you know my father recently enjoyed a stay at Harvest View, after which he came to our house for a few days and then went home. Traditionally, 86 year old patients go to a nursing home for sometime weeks at a time. We chose to bring him to Harvest View; we thought it would be safe as there had not been any covid related illnesses at all, and that we he would get more attention.

Our experience could not have been any better.

We found the comprehensive care we needed. There was nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy experts on site. It was convenient. He unexpectedly needed to see a specialist one day, and transportation was arranged instantly to take him there and back. Without exception, we were able to speak to whomever we needed. The nurses and aides were never busy to pick the phone, call or text with an update. This really put our mind at ease. You and Jamie, the Director of Nursing, were there for us as well, not needed, but appreciated.

Safely is always on our mind in these situations, and we saw that he always had the supervision he needed. So it wasn't just that there were adequate precautions from the viral epidemic, but the hour by hour help he needed was there. But, it was the kindness and compassion from the people there that was the most touching. From the physician always available, to the administration that set the tone, to the nurses at his side.

We didn't realize we were to bring daily essentials and toiletries, so it was a surprise to see that you had gone to the store at 9:00 at night to him a basket of what he needed and delivered it to his room without us making any requests. Also the chef, who wanted to make sure he was comfortable with the food so that he would eat well.

Thanks again for all you did and all you and your staff do."

"I want to thank you and your entire staff for what you do. I hope and pray that all of our seniors would be cared for as well as our friend is at Harvest View.

For the short period of time that he has been with you, he has received nothing but the best of care and friendship. I know that I am at a distance, but I can see and feel the strength of your caring and devotion to what you do.

Thank you from myself and our families."

"Thank you so much for all of your extra efforts!"

"Wonderful Dinner - Thank you so much for your kindness!"

"Thank you for taking such excellent care of my father. You all should be proud of your accomplishments!"

"I have experienced many happy events that have enriched my life - but the most recent has been the gift to take up residence at Harvest View. Jan, you and your able staff arranged the greatest birthday celebration of my lifetime! A private party, our facility party, and virtual party brought together my family and friends, many of those are separated by distance and can no longer travel.

My 100th birthday was the best event of my lifetime! Thank you! I appreciate all that was done to make my 100th birthday party the greatest of my lifetime!

God Bless you, your staff, and our fellow residents. May God Bless You All!"

"Highly recommend this facility!"

"To All Harvest View Staff know you are so appreciated! We thank you and are so very grateful our Dad has such wonderful care at Harvest View.

God Bless each and every one of you!"

"Thank you thank you for our beautiful Easter meal!"

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